Transforming Brands Through Sustainability Storytelling and ESG Content Operations

Transforming Brands Through Sustainability Storytelling and ESG Content Operations

In an era of climate time-bomb where the consumers are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious, the brands are embracing sustainability storytelling to showcase their commitment to a better future. This approach builds trust and customer loyalty and differentiates brands from competitors, ultimately leading to increased market share and financial performance.  

As the demand for commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals intensifies from shareholders, consumers, and regulators, Wiyld Carbon , a Dubai-based sustainability communications firm, is proactively helping organisations through this transition by focusing on purpose-driven positioning. Having evolved from the decade-old Proact BrandComm, Wiyld Carbon excels in CSR content creation, ESG public relations, and environmental communications strategy. The firm assists brands, non-profits, and government organisations in highlighting their commitment to sustainability, diversity and inclusion, ethical supply chain management, water conservation, philanthropy, employee well-being, and community initiatives, among others. As UN COP28 UAE approaches, Wiyld Carbon offers a unique opportunity for organisations globally to elevate their sustainability narratives. 

"At Wiyld Carbon, we empower private and public organisations to own their sustainability story. We believe that by sharing these stories in a way that resonates with consumers, regulators, and investors, we're not only fostering positive brand positioning but also driving lasting value and impact for our clients. By leveraging our expertise in sustainability content creation at scale and ESG communication tactics, we are actively helping businesses showcase their commitment to climate action, engage with stakeholders, and capitalise on the global spotlight, fostering positive brand perception and long-term impact," says Ritu Kant Ojha, Founder & CEO of Wiyld Carbon. 

The agency observed a significant jump in the positive influence on shareholder value when brands showcase their business impact driven by ESG and sustainability initiatives. With consumers increasingly buying from ethical brands, employees preferring socially conscious employers, and companies with a positive ESG track record receiving premium evaluations, this shift is here to stay, the team at Wiyld Carbon believes. COP28 UAE will see massive participation from the private sector globally. COP28 UAE will be a milestone moment when the world will take stock of its progress on the Paris Agreement. The first Global Stocktake (GST), will provide a comprehensive assessment of progress since adopting the Paris Agreement. This will help align efforts on climate action, including measures that need to be put in place to bridge the gaps in progress.  

"We help our clients transition from confused positioning to purpose-driven narratives that build trust and loyalty. With our fully managed content operations service, we provide brands with the tools and expertise needed to effectively communicate their commitment to a sustainable future," explains Ojha. “We invite brands to explore our ‘Sustainability Hub’ offering. It will help them save massive costs on content operations," he added. Wiyld Carbon's unique approach is rooted in sustainability storytelling, which is fast becoming an essential aspect of branding and marketing. By offering a fully managed content operations service, the agency helps clients build their sustainability narratives, creating an engaging platform to communicate their ESG efforts to consumers, regulators, and investors.  

Notable brands have already benefited from Wiyld Carbon's expertise by utilising their platform to incorporate rich media, targeted social media promotion and enhance audience engagement. The platform is designed to be customisable, ensuring seamless integration with clients' existing sustainability data and initiatives.  

“Be it blogs, sustainability reports, translation, e-books, podcasts or social media posts, our team has US and UK based writers delivering value to clients across geographies. We have access to thousands of content creators across cultures and geographies, and therefore, clients outsource their content planning to our team of experts. We take pride in our research capabilities and penchant for getting into details. We take that extra effort by investing our time in understanding our client’s business and create solutions to further its objectives. As journalists and marketers who have closely seen and existed in the ecosystem, we understand client needs to the depth that a few others do,” said Ojha. 

For brands looking to outsource their content operations, the agency's pricing structure is based on a subscription model catering to different needs and budgets. For a limited time, Wiyld Carbon is offering free migration of content and a concierge service. The base offering starts at $999 per month when billed annually or $1199 when billed monthly, significantly more affordable than managing sustainability storytelling and ESG content operations in-house. 

According to a research report, 45% of consumers stated they were interested in finding sustainable and environmentally responsible brands. This trend is especially evident among the younger generations. 73% of Generation Z consumers said they would pay more for sustainable products to ensure their consumption habits won't harm the environment. 

And when it comes to customer loyalty, the majority of consumers reported they'll be more loyal to companies that support social and environmental issues. 

This trend reflects in the employee mindset too. 71% of working professionals believe environmentally friendly business practices are one of the key reasons that impacts their decision to continue working with them. 

As brands worldwide continue to recognise the importance of sustainability and ESG initiatives, Wiyld Carbon is poised to become a crucial partner in their journey. By providing a comprehensive advisory for purpose-focused positioning, this innovative agency is helping businesses connect with their customers and stakeholders in meaningful ways, driving long-term value and positive social and environmental impact. 

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There is a significant jump in the positive influence on shareholder value when a brand showcases how it drives business value with ESG and sustainability. Whether it is about consumers buying from ethical brands, employees preferring socially conscious employers or companies with a positive ESG track record getting premium, the shift is here to stay. Be it blogs, sustainability reports, translation, e-books, podcasts, CEO speech, video ads, designing reports or social media posts, our team has US and UK based writers delivering value to clients across geographies.
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